Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Don’t Send My Kid Away

The 3rd or 4th person in the last 2 years told us (my hubby anyway) about a “great residential program” for 4 year olds with autism. Is it just me, or is it INCREDIBLY insensitive to assume we’re thinking of putting him in residential? Apparently the word on the street is that we’re in over our heads and can’t handle our kids. /vent over

Even *IF* we were feeling we needed to send him— which we DON’T—- those programs are expensive!  If you’re going to call us and tell us about these programs are you also prepared to hand us the cash?


Comments on: "Don’t Send My Kid Away" (4)

  1. I can not even begin to comprehend someone making such a suggestion! I’m sorry that people (well meaning, even) are so insensitive!

  2. BTW, I found your blog through life in the married lane. I have a daughter with SPD and something else that has yet to be diagnosed.

  3. Mother's Helper said:

    I thought the days of “institutionalizing” our special ed kids was over! Granted, there are some who NEED it, I looked into it for my ADHD kid because after seeing him at Laurelwood Hospital, I could see how well he did in that structured environment which I couldn’t provide for him. But, like you said, it’s expensive and insurance isn’t about to pay for it.

    Personally, I don’t think Fred “needs” it, especially after seeing such a massive improvement just from what summer camp offered. As he is getting older, he is going to get more and more of that kind of intervention.

    In over your heads….maybe. But you certainly aren’t drowning!

  4. Elle, welcome to the blog- thanks for reading! Both twins have SPD as part of the package— Fred more so than Wilma. Maybe I’ll do a post on that… hmm!

    Mother’s Helper— he improves a lot day by day. I was expecting more ABA from preschool this year though and his teacher told me that “he doesn’t really need it”. Mr. Megablocks (my hubby) is upset by that. Not sure how I feel. Fodder for a future post…..

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