Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Every now and then you see a post on another blog and think  “oh my gosh, I TOTALLY could have written that!”.  ok so it wouldn’t have been as funny or insightful, but that’s my experience!

I’ve been meaning to bitch about explain Fred’s toilet training journey a bit better (we’re not even CLOSE to done with Wilma’s, sadly), but this sums it up well.  I don’t even know this family or this kid (gotta follow this blog now).  But dang, similar experience, that’s for sure!

EVERY darn time I tell a mom of neurotypical kids that toilet training Fred took a while, I get the explanation that their kid took a whopping TWO weeks to train.  When I mean a while, I mean I started at 2 and a half and am not done at 5.  But we’re seeing great progress.

Have you you been following JillSmo’s  All Kids Do That series?  YOU SHOULD BE!


Comments on: "I could have written this!" (2)

  1. Even my nuero-typical kids took FOREVER to toilet train. (Of course the one with SPD took by far the longest!) I hate it when people rub it in my face how quickly their kids potty train, slept through the night, started eating solids. I didn’t know it was a contest.

  2. Did you ever read the Mompetition blog? I don’t think she’s blogged in a while, but her videos were hysterical. YES, it IS a contest! lol. No, not at all.

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