Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Want to start off the morning with some fun? Take a 6 year old with autism and SEVERE SPD to get his blood drawn and then to an ENT appointment. At the ENT appointment, I learned this—- he has no tongue or palate dysfunction but only with certain consonants is he hypernasal with nasopharyngeal incompetence and the ENT has never seen that before and thinks it’s a speech behavior and not something that can be fixed medically. Lovely. With everything else wrong with him I was hoping for an easy fix for the “we can no longer understand him because his speech is worse and worse” problem. The ENT was awesome enough to video Fred talking and message it out to his colleagues, but you never want to be the parent who is constantly causing doctors to email their colleagues going “geez, have you ever seen THIS?!” My decision as to whether to do nasopharyngeal endoscopy on my 6 year old anytime soon based on how much else is going on is…. HELL NO. He’s already been cauterized under anesthesia last summer (which worked wonderfully for the constant nosebleeds). Note to anyone who was at that particular clinic this morning— we apologize for the massive amount of screaming. 🙂


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