Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Sunday night, Fred ran wildly into the bathroom yelling “I need to makeeeeeeeeeee”.  This is nothing new.  He tripped on the entrance way to the bathroom, went FLYING, and fell head first onto the toilet.  He ended up with a HUGE goose egg, a bad scratch between his eyes, and a double shiner.  I stayed home with a terrified Wilma, and hubby took him to the ER.  No broken bones.

The boy was a trooper.  his behavior at the ER was great, and by now, a few days later, the goose egg is GONE and the shape of his face is back to normal (he looked SCARY!).  The black and blue marks under both eyes are pretty intense, but he’s on the path to healing.  No missed school.  Even after a late night at the ER, he went to school Monday and made it through the whole day!  Go Fred!

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