Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Wilma school update

Quick IEP amendment this morning!

Yes, they ARE starting a class for a handful of kids with behavior issues at Wilma’s current school.  I met the teacher today and she’s young and spunky and has already met and fallen in love with Wilma.  Most of the kids are in the room for the full day.

But Wilma doesn’t need to be placed there all day every day.  Her newest med combo is working well enough, for now, that she can stay in gen ed and treat the new class as a resource room.

We swtiched her from Vyvanse to Adderall.  Vyvanse was GREAT in the morning but she metabolized it super quickly and by 11:30 she was a mess again.  On adderall, she’s a lot less aggressive and more cooperative ALL DAY!  So she’s now doing abilify and adderall.

So, she’ll be in her old resource room for morning and afternoon routines, her new resource room for math (yay for small group math—- she’s been mostly doing math individually) and lunch (she needs a small group for lunch!)…. but she’ll be with the large regular class for everything else.  Including (at this point) specials: art, music, gym, library— she’ll have an aide with her there, but if this new routine is going to fall apart, specials is where it will happen, so I’m hoping plan B will be to have Wilma visit specials with the new class.

With fingers crossed, we’ll see how the new setup works out for her!   I’m super impressed that the school is able to personalize this for her so well— instead of JUST saying it’s gen ed with an aide OR it’s a special ed class, they’re creating and re-creating (this is not our first change this year!) a schedule based on her needs.

Today’s meeting was quick and optimistic, as opposed to the FBA meetings we’ve had recently which were a lot more involved and pessimistic.  I’m putting high hopes in adderall that Wilma can stay even keeled for the rest of the school year and we don’t need to make more changes!


Comments on: "Wilma school update" (2)

  1. thehappyhomechoolinghoosierhousewife said:

    It sounds like she is blessed with an amazing school! Does your son’s school work with him that well?

    • hi Trisha! 🙂

      yes! He doesn’t need all the crazy specialized attention that “Wilma” is getting. A year ago, we figured she’d be FINE in a mainstream classroom with some intervention specialist support and HE would need to remain in a self contained class for kindergarten. As it turns out, she’ having all these issues, and he’s doing GREAT in a mainstream classroom— in his school, the kindergarten assigned intervention specialist is ONLY with kindergarten and is ALWAYS in the room— so she, or her aide, can always be superglued to him. In Wilma’s school, the IS works with her (the only special ed kindergartener) *AND* with first and second graders so the setup is more complicated. I really do love both schools and particularly both intervention specialists. This year, Wilma has turned out to be a much more complicated kindergartener than Fred. His behaviors are intense, but PREDICTABLE and that helps a lot.

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