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The twins are at the only affordable special education daycamp on this side of town.  So it should be perfect, right?  This is year three—- the first year was awesome.  The second year was okay and we were cautiously optimistic about this year.  This is week six of six starting tomorrow– the summer has flown by.  The kids have enjoyed camp, but hubby and I are getting more and more frustrated.

First, it’s different staff every year.  We’d love consistency from year to year.  Not happening.  By the time I learn the names of the aides, the summer is over.  The main teacher always has experience, but the aides are more clueless each year.  Last year one of the aides kept telling Wilma “you’re a BAD girl!  Wait until your mom hears about your behavior!”.  Um, it’s a special needs camp— her behaviors stem from her special needs.

Fred needs to be TOLD to go potty every hour and a half to two hours.  JUST like a two year old.  We’ve told them this.  Again and again.  They keep ASKING him if he needs to make.  He says no, wets himself, and sits in his own pee until they notice.  We pick them up on Thursdays and Fridays.  Almost every Thursday and Friday he’s wet because there’s one or two staff aides in the parent pick up room and twenty + kids.  Weirdly, he doesn’t do it right before getting on the bus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Or he does, but he’s not wet anymore by the time he gets home.  So we wrote a note to make sure he potties RIGHT before getting on the bus or RIGHT before we pick him up.  Friday my husband went to pick him up and he was wet.  Are they reading our notes and ignoring them, or just brainless?

We told them they may give our kids any foods with a good hecksher.  Circle k and circle u are fine with us.  So I figured they’d give a treat or two per week within reason.  Wilma comes home with her entire yogurt and fruit breakfast because “I ate a donut, mommy!”.  NOT just once.  NOT just twice.

If I wanted my kids to sit in pee and eat donuts, *I’d* be in charge of them.  So I guess we’ll try to find a different camp situation for next summer, but they’re not ready for a “typical” camp with just one on one aides, and the other special needs camps are $$$$.  Ugh.

Hubby is threatening to keep them out of camp altogether next summer.  That means I’ll get no work done all summer because he’ll be doing Daddy camp (he’s off all summer)—- which MEANS that I’ll be asked where things are or what to do with them every five minutes.  Help me find a campppppp!  (For him too!).

Now wish me luck.  Camp ends August 2nd.  School starts August 29th.  AUGUST will be a long month.  Get up, feed kids, dress kids, clean up, do laundry, separate them,  feed the kids, change kids, make sure they sleep, do the laundry, clean the house……….  attempt to entertain with a different activity every thirty seven seconds without actually leaving the house with the two of them by myself………  deal with Wilma’s enco treatment …………  deal with potty reminders every hour and a half……..  etc etc etc etc.



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