Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Waiver. What everyone in New York gets but nobody in Ohio gets. We’ve been on the ten year wait list for a while now and I’m not holding my breath for that one anytime soon.

I’d been quiet about our location on this blog, but what the heck. We’re in Ohio.

There’s a new waiver in Ohio that just started in July of last year. It’s mostly for adults, but there are a limited number of children approved (only fifteen in our county so far, or perhaps fewer- that fifteen could include the wait list). It’s the SELF waiver and for children it’s up to $25,000 that can pay for therapies insurance doesn’t cover…….. guess what we’ll use it for— everyone say it together— ABA!

Wilma got approved! Fred is still on the wait list. When I asked why, this is the response I got…. you’ll love this….. “He ONLY has autism”. ONLY. hah. Because Wilma has SO MANY diagnoses including autism, adhd, hypotonia, megacolon, encopresis, oppositional defiance disorder…… she was priority on the list. His behaviors are just as scary as hers, but no matter—- an amazing amount of REAL therapy for her will help the entire family.

Furthermore, I will be paid to be her support broker. To be my child’s advocate, I will be PAID. All I have to do is attend five hours of support broker training and pass the exams. Insane.

This blog deserved some GOOD news.

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  1. Baruch Hashem! Hopefully some of what you learn with Wilma’s therapy can be used by you at home, with Fred. {{{ hugs }}} Yay for good news! 😀

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