Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Random Cute Stuff

After dinner having gotten a LOT better with virtually NO silverware throwing or plate throwing lately, Wilma started in at dinner tonight and food went flying (this soon before Passover of COURSE!) so I remarked to my husband that it’s a “long journey” (working on her behaviors). She stopped throwing and with the cutest expression said “oooh I LOVE field trips!”

Wilmaism: we had a few visitors tonight and after the last visitor (customer) left, we decided to skip bath tonight and do bath tomorrow night— but her hair is pretty oily so I told her I’ll probably put it up tomorrow. So she said “will you put Fred’s hair up too?”

when my customer was here— a chassuveh Rebbetzin (an important Rabbi’s wife)—— Fred was drawing with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk as we were outside chatting. Guess what he was writing, and yes she saw it. When nobody is around, he writes math problems. When PEOPLE come over, he writes…… BUTT. And TUSHY. Very large. On our porch. In front of Rebbetzins.


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