Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Our First Movie

Tomorrow for the first time ever, my kids are going to watch a movie. The most we’ve ever been able to get through at home is 20 minutes (at a time) of Tangled on tv. They’ve never been through a whole movie at home, and have NEVER been to a movie theater. Our behavior intervention specialist from the county wants to help us expand our world and help us go places we’ve never been— we’ve never been to a movie theater because the following could happen—- the noise/ lights could throw Fred into multi-bite mode before the movie even starts. Wilma could stand up 15 minutes in and demand they change the channel because she wants to know what else is on. Either of them could stand up and bolt. With one kid, fine— but with both— one kid bolts and the other kid flops on the floor refusing to move and screaming like a maniac. For something like this, I certainly wouldn’t try it by myself with them, but we hadn’t been ready yet to try it even as a whole family— this is a good excursion for our specialist to help us. Wish us LOTS of luck tomorrow—– hoping it goes well and we see a good majority of the movie—- we’re seeing Muppets Most Wanted. I’m expecting lots of breaks and at some point Fred in the lobby playing with the ipad because he’s just DONE, while Wilma has to stand up in the aisle but hopefully can make it through a good chunk of the movie.


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