Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I’ve collected a few goodies for you all in the past month….. these kids are a riot.

Usually if Wilma ticks off Fred, he screams and tries to bite her.  Lately we’ve been thrilled because he usually doesn’t succeed and usually listens when we ask him to stop and go to another room.  This time recently when Wilma ticked off Fred (she pooped her underpants and refused to comply when I told her to sit on the toilet and get the rest out and have me clean her up etc, and she lay on the floor screaming)….. he didn’t scream.  He didn’t bite.  He simply wrote her a detention slip.  I kid you not.

The same child that mooned Wilma’s therapist today. The same child about whom we’re having a meeting next week because keeping him with his peers isn’t the best option, and moving him to a different grade also isn’t the best option….. educating this child is a challenge—- Fred had a really bad day at school today. Fast forward to our phone conversation with my father in law. Fred told him that he visited the principal today. Dad asked him what that was all about. Fred said, and I quote directly, “Screaming, crying, biting, hitting…and the list goes on!”

Wilma had a blanket around her shoulders and had made up a super hero name (Pants Head). She asked if she could put on her boots and I said no because I didn’t want her tracking the snow/water into the house– the boots needed to stay by the door….. she said “Super Heroes don’t wear just socks!”. On the one hand, she’s correct. On the other hand, how many superheroes wear pink boots with velcro?

We were on the phone with my father in law, who gave us some money towards the twins’ birthday presents. I scripted for Fred “Thank you for your contribution towards my birthday presents” and he repeated… with a very confused look…. “thank you for my constitution….?”

I was drinking a water bottle while driving. Wilma from the backseat said “you can’t drink and drive- it’s illegal!”

“Mommy I have gym today.”. “Great. Have fun.”. “I’ll send you a postcard mommy.”

The fun of having guinea pigs in a house with Wilma. “oooh she’s got lettuce and peppers— I’m going to eat some!” “Wilma please don’t eat out of the guinea pig dish— they pee and poop on their food”. “no worries, I’ll wash it off first!”

#‎Youmightbeanautismparentif your 7 year old SON is singing “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”



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