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Random Fun Stuff

Just some random funny things my kids have said and done lately….


Not something Wilma said, but something she did…… explain to me why my 8 year old needs to wander into my bedroom long before it’s time for me to wake up to complain that she’s tired?

“Today is no homework day. It’s also crumple up your paper and throw it in the trash day.”  – Wilma

Wilma said she’s going to change the Art Room at school to the Fart Room. Picturing her with a big F made out of construction paper to tape to whatever sign they have up there like in the Captain Underpants books, I told her she can’t do that. She said “Why? There *ARE* a lot of people who fart in there!”

When the therapist told me that Fred is working on idioms Fred said “Like it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…. hey mommy, will you please SING for us?”

A certain very awesome substitute teacher just posted about my kiddo on facebook: “Just finished two day sub assignment at Noble Elementary school. A certain student and I got to talking about the periodic table, and I told him I made word games with the elements. Such as: tungsten oxygen oxygen fluoride is what a dog says. He went on to call this “tungsten dioxygen fluoride” and drew a picture of the “dog-iotic table”. He then went on to explain ununoctonium to me. U-La-La!”

My husband told Wilma that friends went to Fun and Stuff. She’s never been. Hubby said it’s expensive, and we were discussing whether to go this summer. Wilma says “let’s have a lemonade stand to raise money for a Fun and Stuff trip!” (big dramatic pause). “or we could raise the money for cancer research….”.

we went to an all you can eat buffet for dinner. (our community does one before Pesach each year). Fred was whining that he was tired and ready to leave. But I was still eating. Instead of screaming and having a meltdown, with a twinkle in his eye he looked at me and said……”that’s ALL YOU CAN EAT”.

Fred: “energy is mass times the speed of light squared.” Me: “how did you know that?” Fred: “Albert Einstein told me”.

Wilma: “when were YOU in second grade mommy, about 150 years ago?

Another Fred math funny. He tried to explain to Wilma that 1 plus a half plus a quarter plus an eighth etc etc etc has a limit of 2. Wilma said “I thought the sky was the limit!”




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