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Next Time He Should Wear a Rainbow Colored Shirt

This morning a Rabbi in the community who clearly has it in for my husband was seriously offended that my husband wore a blue shirt….. to minyan!  *gasp*.  He had family in from out of town and he told my husband he was attempting to “showcase people in the community”.

If this Rabbi could spend this much time working on his middos and the middos of his children and his students……



Hey Fatty

I’m no longer allowed to vent this stuff on facebook so I’ll head here now everytime my husband gets harassed or touched.  Because if I don’t vent, smoke starts coming out of my ears.

So today in synagogue (not his usual synagogue) a third grader yelled at my husband “hey fatty— you’re FAT!” over and over and over again.  His father was standing there doing nothing about it.  Then he KICKED him.  The father still did nothing about it.  Then my husband exploded (we’re working on our anger management issues….) and HE (my husband) was told he over-reacted.

Just waiting now for the phone call from the kid’s school principal because you know that’s coming next.  Every time a kid of a Rebbe, Rav, rich community member or important community member harasses my hubby and he doesn’t take it sitting down……  the phone calls come.


My Kids Are Going to Jail!

In the category of:  Stupid Things Said To My Husband That I’m Not Allowed To Post On Facebook:

“Your kids are going to jail someday because they go to public school.”

This from someone who has NEVER met either of our children.

Hubby won’t let me post it on facebook because of certain facebook friends of mine who will complain to their husbands that I “badmouth the community” and then the husbands bitch at him at minyan, daf, etc.

Maybe I wouldn’t have to badmouth anyone if anyone knew how to keep their traps shut.  And I name no names.

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