Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In the realm of “This kind of stuff happens to my husband so here I come to complain about it” — one of the teen boys who makes it his full time job to harass my husband put a whoopie cushion on his chair at shul this Shabbos.  Hubby threw it away.  We’re waiting for the phone call that he did the wrong thing and made a sweet innocent young man unhappy.

Oh well.  Today my husband wore an untucked blue shirt while talking to a black man and the brother of the big Rabbi in the community who makes it HIS full time job to harass my husband drove by.  We didn’t get THAT call yet either.  In the past he HAS gotten a “talking to” about wearing colors *gasp*, being untucked *double gasp*… and….. talking to a black person?????  Don’t you KNOW that if you’re frum you’re supposed to be a bigot?  Come on now…..  *sigh*

It’s the weekend.  The phone will ring tomorrow.

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