Musings from an Orthodox Jewish work at home mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Vent I posted on facebook:


Yes, I post the funny stuff and the lighthearted stuff and the stuff that (hopefully) will mostly make you smile….. about my children. I don’t post often about her colon diagnoses and her nightly medical treatments or the fact that he’s almost 12 and still biting strangers (but thankfully, more often, just mom and dad, the fact that he got kicked out of public school and goes to a special behavior program, or the fact that she’s only successful in school because of highly trained intervention specialists that know what to do when a middle school student starts crying under a desk to escape a task……. I TRY to keep facebook posts lighthearted and fun and that’s why I post a lot of funny things my kids say and I don’t post a lot about the bruises I’ve gotten from my kids or the permanent damage done to one of my fingers or the amount of intense screaming that happens in this house during ABA hours.

But if you for a moment think that means that I should be able to plop my kids overnight with a babysitter and go wherever, or that I should be able to take my kids WITH me and go somewhere they’ve never been…, I do not travel without them. And no, I do not travel with them. You can call it scapegoating if you want, but until you learn all you need to know to do her colon flush and all you need to know to response block his attacks, AND offer to babysit even for one night, this is life over here. If you’re horribly offended that we don’t come to see you, you’re welcome to unfriend us, facebook wise and otherwise. Our true friends GET IT.

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