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Financial Crisis

I’m upset and embarrassed by this so I’m not announcing it on facebook under my real name.  I asked a few friends with whom I’m close to post it and have gotten some of the help we need.  Here in anonymous blog land, I feel comfortable posting this just this once.  If you can help, great.  If you know who we are, please don’t tell anyone about this, just share the link without saying who we are.

We’re in a paperwork snafu which has left us with money being owed to us with no idea when it will be paid.  September rent is now paid and now it’s time to worry about September bills and October rent.  I just wish that there was a way to work a regular full time job AND have two children that require multiple doctor appointments, hours of therapy each week, constant medication changes and pharmacy runs, behaviors that run the entire day,  and daily medical treatments that leave myself and my daughter captive to an IV pole every evening.  Believe me, if I COULD work a regular full time job, I would.  In addition to my kids’ stuff, I also have my own health issues and truly don’t think I COULD work a full time job even if I had the opportunity at this point.  I’ll get into those issues in a blog post at some point.  Relying on SSI makes me so ill.

Anyway, with great distress, here’s a linky.


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