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Between Two Surgeries

I’ve had twelve surgeries in my 45 years thus far.  Only eleven, had you asked me last Thursday.  I’m now in a holding pattern between surgeries 12 and 13 because of COURSE I have time for all of this with all that’s going on with my children, right?

A couple of weeks ago I had weird tummy pains and diahhrea and I RARELY get diahhrea.  The last time I had tummy pains and diahhrea and it wasn’t a 24 hour bug…. I was in the ER with a UTI.  So because I had minor urethra pain  as well with these pains I called my doc and asked for a UTI antibiotic.  Without seeing me, he prescribed it.  A few days later, I was fine.  A couple days after that, I got a lot worse, so, self diagnosing again, I decided I was getting side effects from the antibiotics so I did what every busy mom does at some point— I took myself off the antibiotics.  For a few days I was fine.

Last Tuesday I had HORRIFIC pains in my right side.  They went away after 15 minutes and I was fine the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday.  I chalked it up to gas.  The pain wasn’t near the kidney, really.

In 1995 I had kidney stones and with great pain meds and a pee strainer was able to pass them on my own.  On Thursday afternoon when I had horrible kidney pain and started peeing blood I realized that the past couple of weeks had been leading up to this realization—- oh crap, the stones are back.  I called a friend to drive me to the ER and drive back home to wait for my kids to come home from school until my husband could be here.  I figured I’d get great pain meds and a pee strainer and go home Thursday night.  Wrong.

I have one small stone on the right causing all the pain and one LARGE stone on the left causing urine to back up to where it shouldn’t go.  The doctor at the ER on Thursday afternoon was far too peppy when he told me there was no way I’d pass the big one on my own, and off I went via ambulance to a different hospital for stent surgery.

I had last eaten at 11:00 Thursday morning while taking my kids to a double psych appointment (ironically at the hospital where I now was on Thursday night!). Surgery got delayed and delayed and delayed and finally on Friday afternoon at 2:00 (when I was feeling super weak and dizzy from not having eaten) I had the stents placed.  I was in the hospital until Saturday night.  Bikkur Cholim cooked our Shabbos and Rosh HaShanah meals and I’ve been home resting through Rosh HaShanah.

Now I still get minor kidney pain every couple of days but not as bad as Thursday, and I have constant stent pain.  I’m peeing blood 100% of the time now.  I am VERY much looking forward to the next surgery where they will go in and zap the stones!  Meanwhile, life goes on and I can’t lie in bed until whenever the next surgery gets scheduled so I’m  in a pattern  of…. do a little laundry, lie down with the heating pad….. cook a little, lie down with ibuprofen…… do Wilma’s colon  treatment, lie down to watch tv…….  I can’t say I mind the forced rest!

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