Musings from an Orthodox Jewish mom of twins with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and one twin has encopresis, megacolon, and a cecostomy. I'm tired. :)

Summer Update

Yeah, my autistic twins (13) have been home since March. One is high functioning enough that things aren’t in total crisis when she’s around but the other one has had MAJOR MAJOR aggression regression and I’m covered with bite marks and bruises from punches and kicks.

Her school will go back 2 days a week (3 days at home— argh) and his school? I don’t yet know— they haven’t yet told us! We’re in Ohio- Cleveland. The one special ed camp on our side of town that can meet our needs and be affordable cancelled for this summer. A regular camp isn’t an option.

We broke up with our ABA agency in November 2019 and took a break from all ABA. Until March things were going well. November to March was really nice. And then they were home— all day every day— together. SO I applied with insurance to a different ABA company and we got denied since both twins had years of ABA previously and it’s more than what is typically seen—- our insurance for the twins has decided they’re done paying for ABA.

So we’re working closely with the board of DD doing zoom meetings with the twin in crisis, doing zoom psych appts, updating our address flag with the police explaining what could/would happen and what to do when they’re called…… we’re also looking into the board of dd paying for soundproofing our home so the neighbors can get off our backs a bit.

The kids are SICK of reading time, science experiments, art projects, family walks, and whatever else I try to throw their way. I make plans, they yell at me about said plans, he gets aggressive, and around and around we go. Meanwhile I USED to make an income— hubby doesn’t work during the summer so we’ve simply lived off savings and the stimulus all summer.


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  1. *-*-*-*-* said:

    Summer here is pretty much the same. Who knows when school will open up again or on what days and what schedule.
    Everyone wants to go somewhere – but where? How? Some of my kids are in small camps and I’m nervous even with masks etc.
    Hope your recovery continues to go well!

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