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Can’t Engage With the World When Kept At Home

Always a crazy balance. Do I bring them places where we’re likely to have a severe double scream fest? Or do I keep them home where we’re likely to have a severe double scream fest anyway because a bored Wilma just pushes all of Fred’s buttons?

The things said about my children:

“maybe you should have left him at home”.
“why does she bring them here if she knows they can’t handle it?”
“they should be living in residential— why does she keep them at home?”
“BOTH her kids act like this—- must be the parenting skills”

and on the other hand…

“they’re scapegoating their kids again— they should have come and brought them (even though there will be hundreds of people)”
“your kids can totally handle this (glad you know them better than we do!)”
“my granddaughter would NEVER behave like THAT!”
“is your son still a retard?”
“why does your son act like a banshee?”

If we don’t come to something, please understand. And if we DO come and something happens, please understand. Sometimes I’m willing to try and sometimes I’m not. For instance if I know certain people will be there and I know it will be a trigger, we’ll stay home, thanks.

What We All Wish We Could Say

I LOVE THIS POST from Marianne Russo.  Enjoy!

Autism and the Jewish Community

I have plenty to say on the subject of Autism and the Jewish Community, but right now it’s almost midnight, I’m tired, and I can’t get my own thoughts together.  But when I do, I’ll post, have no fear!

For now, I wanted to link to this wonderful article by Jacob Artson, a young man with autism.  Jacob has a dream.  Enjoy!

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