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More Covid Hilarity

Covid itself isn’t funny, but the parodies and memes most certainly are.  Here are some more just to temper the complete and utter exhaustion that is the last few months.









still more to come!


Humor Collected During Quarantine

The past six months have been so awful.  One thing keeping me going is the humor.  So many songs, memes, parodies, and general hilarity.  Here are some examples.









More to Come!

Hamster Butts

no reason, just because they’re cute and funny.  I need laughter in my life.

Food Fight!

Just saving funny stuff.  🙂

Wedding Response Card

THIS is a family with a sense of humor!

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other….

Friday’s amazon order: popcorn and glycerin. Today’s amazon order: guinea pig hay and deodorant. Reminds me of the place we saw in California: Car insurance and Chinese food. How many interesting things can you put together….. that don’t go together.


I just find this hilarious.

Davening Stereotypes

Just because it’s funny.

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