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Whoopie Cushion At Shul

In the realm of “This kind of stuff happens to my husband so here I come to complain about it” — one of the teen boys who makes it his full time job to harass my husband put a whoopie cushion on his chair at shul this Shabbos.  Hubby threw it away.  We’re waiting for the phone call that he did the wrong thing and made a sweet innocent young man unhappy.

Oh well.  Today my husband wore an untucked blue shirt while talking to a black man and the brother of the big Rabbi in the community who makes it HIS full time job to harass my husband drove by.  We didn’t get THAT call yet either.  In the past he HAS gotten a “talking to” about wearing colors *gasp*, being untucked *double gasp*… and….. talking to a black person?????  Don’t you KNOW that if you’re frum you’re supposed to be a bigot?  Come on now…..  *sigh*

It’s the weekend.  The phone will ring tomorrow.


Nebach Over There Dressed Like a Polak

Can I just have ONE Shabbos or Yom Tov when I’m not embarrassed to be a frum Jew?  Moshiach MUST be coming soon.

This morning at shul they were doing misheberach for acheirim and this guy who blows in from out of town twice a year and treats my husband like garbage was asked who he’d like to bless.  So he said…. (and pointed to my husband)….


That Nebach Over There Dressed Like a Polak.


Not Sure I Ever Mentioned This

Did I ever blog about my husband being beat up at shul by a fellow Jew on Shabbos?  Pretty sure I didn’t— but since it’s months after the fact I’ll mention it in passing…..  the guy was taken into custody and apparently put on house arrest for a while, but my husband saw him again recently…..  this incident was the first in a series of incidents that are making us increasingly uncomfortable in our own community.  After this happened, the Rabbi Who Has It In For My Husband Who Shall Not Be Named called him yet again—— apparently when my husband fell to the ground he scared a pre-teen boy.  Yeah, sorry he got attacked— -it will never happen again.

On the table at this point is moving to another community or moving outside the community to a non Jewish place in our own city where somehow we’ll still keep halacha but not be near a shul because even in our own shul (which we love), there are still people who come in there, seemingly, ONLY to insult and harass my husband.

Trying to keep it all off the table because I’m just too darn tired to pack up and move, frankly.

Next Time He Should Wear a Rainbow Colored Shirt

This morning a Rabbi in the community who clearly has it in for my husband was seriously offended that my husband wore a blue shirt….. to minyan!  *gasp*.  He had family in from out of town and he told my husband he was attempting to “showcase people in the community”.

If this Rabbi could spend this much time working on his middos and the middos of his children and his students……



Hey Fatty

I’m no longer allowed to vent this stuff on facebook so I’ll head here now everytime my husband gets harassed or touched.  Because if I don’t vent, smoke starts coming out of my ears.

So today in synagogue (not his usual synagogue) a third grader yelled at my husband “hey fatty— you’re FAT!” over and over and over again.  His father was standing there doing nothing about it.  Then he KICKED him.  The father still did nothing about it.  Then my husband exploded (we’re working on our anger management issues….) and HE (my husband) was told he over-reacted.

Just waiting now for the phone call from the kid’s school principal because you know that’s coming next.  Every time a kid of a Rebbe, Rav, rich community member or important community member harasses my hubby and he doesn’t take it sitting down……  the phone calls come.


My Kids Are Going to Jail!

In the category of:  Stupid Things Said To My Husband That I’m Not Allowed To Post On Facebook:

“Your kids are going to jail someday because they go to public school.”

This from someone who has NEVER met either of our children.

Hubby won’t let me post it on facebook because of certain facebook friends of mine who will complain to their husbands that I “badmouth the community” and then the husbands bitch at him at minyan, daf, etc.

Maybe I wouldn’t have to badmouth anyone if anyone knew how to keep their traps shut.  And I name no names.

You Two Are In WAY Over Your Heads….

In the category of “hilariously ridiculously things said to my husband in the Jewish community— thankfully it’s not a LOT of people, just a few— but boy are they noisy”:

My husband got ps’icha 2 weeks in a row (an honor SOMETIMES given to husbands of women about to give birth but that’s not ALWAYS the case). I’m NOT pregnant and nobody thinks I am—- sometimes it’s just an honor and they want to give it to someone active in the synagogue. So this yokel says to my husband “I CERTAINLY hope your wife isn’t pregnant because you two are in WAY over your heads as it is.”

He heard my son scream. ONCE. For a few seconds. And has since called my husband a piece of …. poop.  (the nasty word.) I hear my son scream multiple times a day every day. I think I know why THIS guy was not blessed with the likes of my (very awesome) son.

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